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  1. Mashal says:

    Beautiful documentary. We all need someone to stand up and speak for our rights.
    And for someone to stand up against all the odds, is just mind blowing and brave! I saw your trailer and I was left speechless! It was breathtaking!

  2. cathy says:

    kindly do not advocate for homosexuality in my country uganda, and also if you are a same sex couple please do not go an extra mile of adopting a kid because what are you going to teach that innocent being , have mercy we do not want our country to be consumed by immorality.

  3. Dion Scott says:

    I had wanted to view this film “Call Me Kuchu” when it played at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2012, however I was unable to see it. I now just viewed the film and enjoyed it throughly. Thanks for showcasing David’s positive attributes and humanizing him, in spite of the detractors, Im grateful I don’t live in a country like Uganda! Very well done thank you…

    Dion Scott

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